Birmingham Veterinary hospital open first pet hospice center

Now pet owners have a choice besides euthanasia

BIRMINGHAM, Mich. - Pets are living longer, just like people. But for families, this means facing sometimes difficult end-of-life decisions when a pet get old, develops a serious illness or just needs help getting around.

For many pet owners with seriously ill or aging pets, euthanasia has been the only choice. 

Now one local veterinary hospital is helping families in this situation.

The Cat Practice veterinary hospital in Birmingham is now offering hospice and end-of-life care to family pets.

The Cat Practice hospice will offer end-of-life care, modeled after human hospice that alleviates physical discomfort and provides a caring end-of-life experience for the pet and the pet's family. Like human hospice, The Cat Practice hospice is for families whose pets face an incurable condition, but can still enjoy quality of life.

Psychologist Dr. Camille Greenwald, who works with The Cat Practice, is available for grief counseling.

Future plans include a memory wall on the hospital's website for remembering deceased pets.

Cat Practice can be reached at 248-540-3390.

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