Bishop Foley High School pitcher's face broken by line drive

18-year-old Garrett Schilling was pitching no-hitter when line driver shattered his cheekbone

By Shawn Ley - Reporter

ROYAL OAK, Mich. - Take a look at Garrett Schilling's face.

Those are marks from baseball laces burned into the 18-year-old's skin. That's how hard the Bishop Foley High School pitching ace was hit by a ball Thursday at a key point in the game.

"No-hitter with one out left," said Schilling.

He has earned a scholarship to play for Xavier University in Cincinnati. His fastball reaches 88 miles per hour and that's what he threw.

"Kid connected pretty well with it, didn't have much time to react, and it just got me square ... square in the eye," he said.

It shattered his cheekbone and left him with fractures above and around his eye. He will need surgery at Beaumont Hospital's Royal Oak campus to insert metal plates into his cheek.

Young pitchers getting hit could be every mother and father's fear. The damage is often times much worse.

Schilling's parents were in the stands when it happened.

"We went out there and coach Buster walked up to me and said, 'You need to get him to the hospital right now,'" said Cindy Schilling.

Doctors say he will have a quick recovery. He will head back out to the mound with a message from his dad.

"I love him and I wish him luck," said Ray Schilling.

Bishop Foley coach Buster Sunde talked to Local 4 about the risk pitchers are taking when on the mound.

"The main thing is, if you are gonna pitch, is to understand the pitcher's position on the field. It's the 9th position. It's a defensive position, and you gotta field your position," said the coach.

He doesn't think we'll see pitchers wearing helmets any time soon.

As for Schilling's no-hitter, his teammate filled in and got the out for the combined no-hitter.

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