'Blower gang' helping others remove snow

Mower gang helping those in need

DETROIT - During the summer, the 'mower gang' goes out and mows Detroit parks free of charge to help give kids a place to play. But now, with winter here, they are looking to do something else.

This year, the mower gang has traded in its lawnmowers for snow blowers. Tom Nardone, a member of the mower gang, wants to help others get the snow off their driveways and sidewalks.

"It's just a good feeling," Tom said. "I have this awesome snow blower and it takes me five minutes to do my walkway and driveway, and I can do my neighbors' but they've got snow blowers too."

Giving back is a family affair, as even 7-year old daughter Margo volunteers. Why does she join in?

"Because not many people do it," she said.

In this case, volunteers have the time, but nobody to offer it to. They're looking for cancer or dialysis patients, and those with severe mobility issues.

"We're just trying to help people who can't help themselves," Tom said. "This isn't because you ran out of milk, this is because a life or death situation has you trapped in your home."

If you know somebody deserving and in need, you can contact the mower group on Facebook or on their website.

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