Bob Bashara facing serious money problems

Grosse Pointe Park man charged with wife's murder could have to settle for court-appointed attorney

By Hank Winchester - Reporter


Bob Bashara was back in court Wednesday where he pleaded not guilty to a first degree murder charge, among others, in his wife's 2012 death. It's clear Bashara is worried about the battle ahead.

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He is broke. Life certainly has taken a dramatic turn for the man who once live in a beautiful Grosse Pointe Park home.

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The Bashara family's former home hit the market last month and at first real estate agents were not sure if anyone would be interested in a property that made national headlines for all the wrong reasons.

It turns out, the Grosse Pointe Park listing became one of the hottest in town. Dozens of people walked through the home on Middlesex Road and there were several offers. Local 4 has learned an offer has been accepted. The property is on the road to being sold but Bashara will not benefit. Even though the sale price was not far from the $399,000 asking price, it won't help "Big Bob."

In fact, Local 4 has learned Bashara, with help from those outside jail, has been working to unload many of his rental properties but several already have been taken over by the bank.

Bashara is fearful of working with a court-appointed attorney who is not familiar with his case.

Right after his wife Jane Bashara's murder, Bob hired high-profile attorney David Griem. That relationship fell apart last year and Bashara hired another top-notch attorney, Mark Krieger. Krieger was not by Bashara's side on Wednesday.

The attorneys aren't signing on for free and Bashara has a limited amount of time to come up with money before he assigned a new court-appointed attorney to take on his very detailed case.

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