Bob Bashara's 'other woman' gives key testimony

Rachel Gillett reveals details about relationship with Grosse Pointe Park man charged in wife's murder

By Hank Winchester - Reporter

DETROIT - Bob Bashara's "other woman" was on the stand Wednesday as testimony continued in the murder trial against him.

Rachel Gillett was nervous early on, but her testimony is key.

"I was single, a submissive woman looking for a dominant single man," she said.

Gillett's testimony was, at times, sexually graphic. Jurors were on the edge of their seats as she revealed very personal details.

Prosecutor: "Did (Bob) have any issues?"

Gillett: "Yes ... erectile dysfunction."

Gillett's testimony is important because the prosecution said Bob Bashara lied to her and manipulated her throughout their relationship. They're laying the foundation that Bashara was anything but a good family man. Gillett allegedly had a relationship with Bob years before his wife Jane Bashara was found dead in January 2012.

Prosecutor: "What does he tell you in person after you talked to him online about his marital status?"

Gillett: "That he was a widower."

Gillett revealed they first met on an adult website. They dated casually and soon became a couple, a couple known to play in dungeons and at BDSM parties around town.

"It was just a small room partitioned off in a basement and there was a bed, a table with a TV on it, several small tables, a BDSM cross, a padded chair and a leather chair that he used to sit in," said Gillett.

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Bashara's wife, Jane, was found strangled on Jan. 25, 2012, inside her SUV that was parked in a Detroit alley, a few miles from the couple's Grosse Pointe Park home.

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A handyman who worked for Bob Bashara, Joe Gentz, has pleaded guilty to killing her, but saying he did so at her husband's behest.

Bob Bashara is already in prison after being convicted of trying to hire a hit man to kill Gentz.

Gentz will not testify.

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