Body parts found in Warren sewer

Police say parts were found in area of 10 Mile, Schoenherr roads

WARREN, Mich. -

Warren police are investigating the discovery of body parts Thursday morning in a sewer.

Police said the unidentified parts were found by a crew who was working 85 feet below the ground in the area of 10 Mile and Schoenherr roads.

A construction crew found two 4-inch squares of human flesh with body fat attached. The suspicion is that a white person was murdered and the killer severed the body and dumped pieces into a man-hole cover.

"You wonder what mind set would actually do something like that. So that's scary, especially behind my house, and we have small grand kids. It's unnerving," said Lisa Nolen, who lives nearby.

Warren police say initial testing offered preliminary results that are not especially helpful to their investigation.

"The DNA profile did not come up with a match in any of the database banks," said Warren police Det. Met Nearing.

Had workers not found the remains they likely have been ground up in the Detroit sewer system. There is no report of anyone missing who might match the remains.

Police are working to find out if the remains match those which were found by sewer workers in Sterling Heights in August.

"It's the same the person and the body parts have been dumped at different times, or this is a completely different person and we won't know until we get DNA test results back," said Nearing.

Body parts found earlier this year in nearby Sterling Heights

In a similar situation, body parts were found by sewer workers in Sterling Heights in August.

The remains got caught on a metal grate, which workers were using for their repair operations 50 feet below the surface.

In that case, police said some of the body parts had tattoos on them but they have not lead to a positive identification of the victim yet.

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