Bothuell abuse investigation continues

By Hank Winchester - Reporter
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Charlie Bothuell IV and Monique Dillard-Bothuell

DETROIT - Investigators are heading into a critical time as they work to solve the mystery surrounding Charlie Bothuell and his disappearance.

There have been several developments over the weekend, including the release of Bothuell's stepmother following an arrest for an unrelated probation violation.

Officials said the next few days will be critical in this investigation.

The focus stays on the father, stepmother and the young boy at the center of this situation.

Court documents detail allegations abuse. Reports include that the boy had marks and bruising on his body, and he was apparently very thin when examined by doctors.

Only Local 4 cameras were there Saturday as Charlie Bothuell's stepmother, Monique Dillard Bothuell made her way out of jail after being held on a parole violation.

Court documents revealed it was allegedly the stepmother who told Charlie Bothuell to hide in the basement.

Photos captured the spot in the basement where Charlie Bothuell is said to have been hiding.

Charlie Bothuell was recently placed in his mother's care, but his aunt, who lives in the area, has also reportedly been helping to care for the boy.

In the meantime, Charlies Bothuell's daughter, who lives in the Grand Rapids area, is speaking out, coming to her father's defense. She admits her father was strict, but said she doesn't believe he was abusive.

She also said she is surprised by the entire incident and just hopes Charlie is doing well.

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