Boy hanging from ski lift chair rescued

By Will Jones - Reporter

WHITE LAKE TOWNSHIP, Mich. - It was Friday evening at Alpine Valley Ski Area in White Lake Township when a 10-year-old boy was seen hanging from a chair lift.

"He didn't say anything," said Stan Shedlowsky, who was about 20 feet away from the boy in another chair lift. "He must have been terrified."

Shannon Lee, a chair lift manager at Alpine Valley, rushed up the mountain with another manager to rescue the boy.

Lee climbed the 40-foot tower to get to the boy on the chair lift while her manager kept the chair steady as she reached for the boy.

"He reached for me, actually, as I went to go grab him," Lee said. "Just his relief in his face is the one thing I do remember."

Shedlowsky said Lee and her coworker are heroes, but Lee disagrees.

"I wouldn't call myself a hero, I just did what came naturally, I guess," said Lee.

Alpine Valley officials are investigating how the boy ended up hanging from a chair lift. They said it has never happened before.

Officials said the boy admits he was goofing around with friends before the accident.

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