Bridge owner waves white flag in construction flap

Matt Moroun says Detroit International Bridge Co. doesn't agree but will comply

DETROIT - The company that controls the Ambassador Bridge says it will comply with a judge's order to complete construction of a major project intended to get big trucks off neighborhood streets.

Matt Moroun acknowledged Wednesday that the about-face is intended to keep his 84-year-old father and another executive from returning to jail. Moroun says Detroit International Bridge Co. doesn't agree with the construction plan but will comply and consider appeals down the road.

"I think I did already, but I'll say it again. All human beings are afraid of jail," Matt Moroun said. "Yeah, I've got a heart and I care a lot about my family and I care a lot about my family."

The bridge links Detroit and Windsor, Ontario.

Manuel "Matty" Moroun and company President Dan Stamper were jailed for a night in January after Wayne County Circuit Judge Prentis Edwards found the company in contempt of court for failing to finish the Gateway Project.

"Today's not the day to fight those issues," Stamper said. "Do what the clerk says to you and move on."

Matt Moroun says the bridge company will explain its new position to the judge Thursday.

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