Brownstown Township police have 'no clue' in woman's murder

46-year-old woman found murdered inside home on Brantford Avenue in Brownstown Township; police have no motive, suspect or person of interest


A 46-year-old Brownstown Township woman was found murdered Wednesday inside her home in the 15000 block of Brantford Avenue.

Neighbors tell Local 4 the woman and her teen daughter have lived at the home for several years. The daughter was not home at the time the woman's body was found.

Police said they do not have a motive. Her ex-husband and current boyfriend are being questioned. Both are not considered suspects at this point. There are no suspects and no person of interest.

It's a murder mystery which has police turning to the public for help.

"If anybody does know anything, any type of tip at all we're striving for right now because we have no clue why this happened," said Brownstown Township Police Lt. Robert Grant.

Investigators are not releasing how the woman was killed. Her car was left in the driveway and no one forced their way into the home.

The woman has been divorced for some time. Her daughter is in college.

"In the winter time I did her snow every year for like the last 10 years," said neighbor Jackie Peterson. "Very polite lady. Never a problem."

Peterson lives across the street. He describes his neighbor as a quiet woman who kept to herself.

"I went to work this morning at 5 o'clock. Quiet. I was home all last night. Quiet. Totally shocked," he said.

Yellow crime tape and police vehicles surrounded the home Wednesday evening and night. The house was the one to avoid on Halloween. Neighbors stood outside in disbelief.

"I'm shocked. In this neighborhood ... petty crime. Nothing along this line," said Peterson.

The Brownstown Police Department is conducting the homicide investigation.

Anyone with information on this murder should contact Brownstown police at 734-675-1300.

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