Business break-ins trending in area of Grosse Pointe Park

Business owners seek more police presence after several break-ins along Kercheval Street in Grosse Pointe Park

By Roger Weber - Reporter


Blake Machonahie owns the Sprout House on Kercheval Street in Grosse Pointe Park where someone broke into the business just before dawn Monday.

"We've had a rash of break-ins in the park. They took a brick, threw it through my window, went in and took my registers," he said.

That same morning thieves pulled off a smash-and-grab at the insurance company across the street. They took a TV and a laptop. On Thursday morning, in the same area, thieves broke into the Parkgrill and a resale shop.

"This is brazen. It's ridiculous. Naturally, with all these B&Es of course I'm not as at ease," said Pattie Murie, who owns the antique shop next door. "I don't mind being alone here during the day, but I'm a little worried about what's going to happen at night."

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Business owners want to see more police patrols on Kercheval

Murie wants to see more police patrols on Kercheval Street. So would Machonahie

"I've had total confidence and conviction in the police force but in the past two weeks I have been unnerved because I don't feel that the police presence has been here," he said.

Machonahie has been beefing up his own security including the installation of cameras.

"We have to put up a good defense, and fear, that you can't come down here and do this," he said.

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