Business cooperating with FBI in Macomb County corruption case

Rizzo Environmental Services working with feds, sources say

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. - As the feds bring the hammer down on politicians in Macomb County, sources said there's more to come.

Clinton Township trustee Dean Reynolds is the first of Macomb County's elected leaders to get taken down by the FBI, but Local 4 sources said he won't be the last.

Sources told Local 4's Mara MacDonald that Rizzo Environmental Services has been working for the feds for months as they probe politicians who are alleged to have been shaking businesses down for cash and favors.

Reynolds was running for Township Supervisor, which is going to be pretty hard now that he's accused of shaking down businesses in Macomb Country for nearly $70,000 in cash and high-priced favors, like a free lawyer to handle his divorce.

The key company Reynolds was allegedly squeezing for money was Sterling Heights-based Rizzo Environmental Services.

"We have cooperated with law enforcement straight along from the moment we were asked until now," Joseph Munem, of Rizzo Environmental Services, said.

Lawyers for Rizzo are limiting what the company can discuss, citing the ongoing criminal probe. Rizzo won an $18 million garbage contract in Clinton Township through the competitive bidding process, and recently won an extension. They were the lower bidder.

But the FBI's probe doesn't stop at Reynolds, and it doesn't stop at Rizzo, although it is the company detailed in the criminal complaint against Reynolds.

Political circles in the country are abuzz with who will be next to receive a visit from the FBI and be led out in handcuffs. The feds confirmed they have wiretaps and video of what they call "systematic corruption" in Macomb County.

Clinton Township is already moving to remove Reynolds from the board at Monday night's meeting.

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