Business inside building owned by church raided by Detroit police

Investigators: Insurance with Grace made thousands selling fake insurance certificates

DETROIT - A business inside a building owned by the well-known church Greater Grace Temple was raided by Detroit police and federal authorities Wednesday evening.

Investigators said Insurance with Grace on 7 Mile Road near Lahser Road, made thousands by selling fake insurance certificates.

"The business was popular," said Sgt. Otha Craighead, with the Detroit Police Department. "It was known in different circles if you need insurance, this is where you come."

Police said the woman who ran this place was all about the benjamins.

"You figure 50 to 100 per pop," said Craighead.

But this isn't an honest earning. Investigators said the business was shady.

According to church leaders and police, Insurance with Grace had no affiliation with the church. Detectives said more than 1,000 people went there to get car insurance, but police said the insurance was bogus.

"You come in here with some money and you tell them what you want," said Craighead. "Depends on how long you want it for, get a false certificate of insurance."

DPD sent in an undercover cop Wednesday and he purchased the fake insurance. Police moved in and raided the place, arresting the woman in charge.

Detectives told Local 4 she was racking up at least $30,000 a month selling fake car insurance.

"That's going to put a major dent in fake insurance policies you see on the street," said Craighead. "We see it so much in law enforcement on traffic stops -- people with these false insurances -- and you always wonder where are these people are getting this insurance."

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