Businesses blocked out by illegal dump pile on Detroit's west side

Trash, yard waste, boat among debris left on Eaton Street

By Shawn Ley - Reporter

DETROIT - Businesses on Detroit's west side are frustrated by a flood of illegal dumping on their street. Eaton Street near Myers was blocked off Monday morning by the latest round of illegal dumping.

"People around the country say Detroit's a dump. This is proof," one business owner told Local 4.

Over the weekend, someone dumped piles of branches, stumps and sheet metal in the middle of the street. 

Monday morning, when companies in the area tried to get semi-trucks through to start the day, the trucks couldn't get through. There was just too much trash in the street. 

"How about burning it, at least?" said one angry employee. 

Eaton Street has become a go-to street for illegal dumping. When a home is foreclosed on, the home is cleaned out and everything in it is dumped on this street. 

Someone had stacks of tires, some of them new, and instead of disposing of them the proper way, they were dumped on the street.  

There's even a boat blocking part of this street. 

As a result, one of the businesses in the area hooks up a snow plow to a fork lift and they take the time to clear the street so they can start their business day. 

It took the crew about a half hour to clear all of the debris from the street. After that, truck traffic again could move through the street and get to where they need to go. 

"If this was happening in the suburbs, it would be an outrage. Here in Detroit, it's no big deal," said one worker. 

The city says it is a $10,000 fine if you get caught dumping. However, it's unclear if anyone is ever caught. 

The city advises neighbors to get license plates when they see someone dumping, but they question if anyone with the city actually goes after the dumpers. 

"We have video of people dumping. We call the city, they take our information and that's it."  Said one of the people helping clear the street.

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