Cabbie gets caught in middle of armed robbery in Wyandotte

Cab driver says passenger robbed Wyandotte convenience store, then hopped back into cab

WYANDOTTE, Mich. - Wesley Carson makes a living driving a cab.

The 55-year-old Riverview man never imagined he would find himself in the middle of an armed robbery.

"This whole thing really surprised me because he was a very clean-cut individual, very polite, to start with," Carson said.

Carson picked up 20-year-old Michael Gondnoky late Saturday night. Gondnoky asked the cab driver to take him to the Circle K convenience store on Goddard Road. However, when he asked the cab driver to wait outside while he went in, Carson became suspicious.

Moments later, Gondnoky came out of the store and hopped into the cab's backseat with an armful of stolen goods.

"He was throwing a bunch of stuff -- money, cigarettes, lottery tickets -- into the back seat, and he was telling me, 'Drive off!'" said Carson.

Carson called 911. That's when the robber started punching him through the cab's back window.

"He was leaning through the shield and he was hitting me on the side here with the gun," said Carson.

Police had to a use a Taser and pepper spray before they could arrest Gondnoky. Officers are grateful Carson acted quickly and helped them bring the thief in.

Michael Gondnoky

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