Camera found hidden under toilet seat in bathroom at Allen Park Starbucks

Employee finds camera

By Larry Spruill - Reporter

ALLEN PARK, Mich. - Technology has reached the point where sometimes even cameras are hard to see.

Allen Park police said one was hidden, attached to a toilet in the bathroom of a Starbucks. It happened at the location on Outer Drive just off the Southfield Freeway.

“I'm really just, like, disturbed by that because I go to the Starbucks all of the time,” Crystal Wilson said.

Detective James Thorburn, with Allen Park police, said an employee saw the camera while cleaning the toilet.

“If you open the lid, it was attached to the bottom of the lid. If the lid was closed you couldn't see it,” Thorburn said.

Police released video from the camera. It showed several people walking out of the restroom.

“This is a Wi-Fi camera. It does stream live. There was a SD card in it. There was a couple of files on there. We believe this was streaming to an offsite, or someone in the parking lot,” Thorburn said.

“Somebody needs help. They are sick and they need to be put in jail. It makes me think, like, where else around here, these people put these cameras? It's scary and now I'm going to be looking in every direction when I go to the bathroom in all of these stores,” Wilson said.

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