CareerBuilder finds field where jobs are open

By Tony Statz - Producer
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With lingering high unemployment, you might think there are no jobs out there.

However, CareerBuilder found that many managers are struggling to fill open positions.

The report shows that more than one in three hiring managers have a position that has been unfilled for more than three months.

Of the 2000 managers surveyed, 35 percent said they had job openings for which it was difficult to find a candidate with the proper skills. Some of these jobs include sales representative, nurse, truck driver, engineer, accountant and mechanic.

Other jobs that have been growing in the last three years include marketing professional, software developer, machine operator and IT manager or network administrator.

The cause of the problem seems to come from an increase in demand for jobs with specialized skills. As the demand for these jobs grows, schools and training centers have a hard time keeping up with the growing demand for such skills.

However, employers are taking steps to prevent these vacancies.

"Two in five employers reported that they continuously recruit throughout the year, so that they have candidates in their pipeline in case an position opens up down the road," said Brent Rasmussen, president of CareerBuilder North America. 

However, a better solution is "formal education and on-the-job training," according to Rasmussen.

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