Celebrating an American classic: Tuesday is National Hot Dog Day

National Hot Dog Council: Americans eat 837 million packages of hot dog each year

By Sheree Calhoun - Producer
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DETROIT - Nothing says summer like a hot dog on the grill! You probably don't have this one marked on the calendar, but July 23 is National Hot Dog Day.

History of the hot dog

The hot dog history began in the 15th century in Germany or Austria.  

Hot dogs became popular when a German immigrant sold them from a cart in New York City's Bowery District. In 1871, Charles Feltman opened the first Coney Island hot dog stand. Franks were first served at baseball games in 1893. The name hot dog originated from a cartoonist who wanted to put red hot dachshund dogs on New York carts, but couldn't spell 'dachshund' so he shortened it up and called them 'hot dogs' instead.

Annual hot dog sales and favorites

The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council estimates Americans buy over 837 million packages or hot dogs at retail outlets and over 24 million hot dogs at baseball stadiums alone.

New York and Chicago -style are the most popular hot dogs.  Chicago vendors competed against each other by adding more toppings. The traditional Chicago style is steamed poppy seed bun and topped with mustard, raw onions, bright green relish, tomato slices, pickles, sport peppers, and celery salt. Michigan is proud to be home of Coney Island Dogs, but there are also Kansas City Dogs, Sonoran Dogs, and West Virginia Dogs.

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