Chippewa Valley Schools statement on security

Dear Chippewa Valley Parents and Guardians,

As we continue to struggle with the unspeakable acts of violence that occurred on Friday in Newtown, Connecticut, our hearts go out to a school community suffering with unimaginable heartbreak. We pray for the families, parents, grandparents, and friends of the students and staff that were lost that morning.

Along with the news of this tragedy, our thoughts turn to our own school community and the safety and security of more than 16,500 Chippewa Valley students. We continually review our policies and procedures and we strive to ensure that our schools remain safe places for everyone. In light of recent events, we have decided to place all of our buildings in a modified lockdown next week. What does this mean?

-All perimeter doors are locked at school after students have entered for the day. This will now include the main entrance.

-Main entrance doors will be monitored throughout the school day by staff.

-All visitors to the school must use the main entrance doors.

-Visitors will be asked to show a driver's license and/or photo ID before being allowed to enter the building. They will be asked to state the purpose of their visit prior to being allowed to go to the main office where they will sign in and be assisted by school personnel.

-All interior classroom doors will be locked while class is in session. Only those individuals who have business in the classroom will be allowed inside.

-This week there will be no outside recess.

-Staff members will remain alert and will monitor hallways, while security system cameras will provide the ability to monitor other areas of the building.

Soon our District Crisis Coordinating Team (DCCT) will be sharing tips for parents on how to talk to your child about events like those that occurred in Connecticut.

We want you to know that the safety and security of your children is our number one priority and we are prepared to do whatever we feel is necessary to keep our schools safe. During this time we ask for your support and your cooperation.

Thank you.

Sincerely, Ron Roberts Superintendent

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