Chrysler workers to hold protest against 'Alternative Work Schedules'

Workers protesting 3-2-120 plan many U.S. plants currently on

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WARREN, Mich. - Chrysler workers say they will be holding a demonstration near the Chrysler Warren Stamping Plant Thursday to protest new work schedules they say are forcing workers to work 10 hour days and weekends for straight time.

In October, workers at Chrysler's Warren Stamping Plant said they learned the company had planned to impose an Alternative Work Schedule known as "3-2-120," or three crews, two shifts, 120 hours, at their plant.

The way the schedule worked, according to workers, is three crews (A, B, and C crew), would work four 10-hour days for straight time. Those on the B and C crews would have to work every Saturday for straight time and the C crew would be on a swing shift, working evenings Monday and Tuesday and the day shift Friday and Saturday.

Workers say the company cannot impose these schedules without the consent of the UAW International, but the International is giving its consent, threatening that the company will pull work out of the plant if workers don't consent.

Chrysler looks to try and impose these schedules corporate-wide, said workers, with WSP scheduled to start March 11 and Warren Truck Assembly Plant on March 4. Many U.S. plants are already on the 3-2-120 plan.

Alex Wassell and Martha Grevatt are part of the in-plan Committee for the Eight Hour Day and Overtime Pay.

"These schedules will create incredible hardship for workers and their families," said Wassell, a welder repair technician. "The company doesn't care about the foster mother who may not be able to adopt her special needs foster son, the divorced father who has custody of his son on weekends, the second tier worker who rides public transit and will be working until 2:30 AM, the workers who came from closed out-of-state plants who need the weekends to see families back home or the hundreds of workers who will have health problems related to working the swing shift."

"We have not seen proof that these schedules are needed to meet production demand," said Grevatt, a diemaker, "but management refuses to go with a traditional eight hour, three shift schedule. They can squeeze a little more product out of us because of less paid relief time on this schedule. It's really a 21st Century speedup and a scheme to get out of paying overtime pay and midnight shift's ten per cent premium."

The protest will take place Thursday, Feb. 28 from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm near the Chrysler Warren Stamping Plant, located along Mound Road in the middle island in Warren.

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