Chuck Gaidica: My new focus on TV is 'Force 4 Good'

By Chuck Gaidica - Live In The D Host
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My next chapter in life will move me from the fulltime anchor desk at Local 4 to a part-time schedule with the station. My new fulltime job will be serving as a pastor at OakPointe Church in Novi.

While I will still be part of many TV specials at Local 4 I will focus much of my TV time on a new feature called "Force 4 Good."

I am trying to be a Force 4 Good and hope to encourage others to be the same. This new feature will aim the lights and cameras on people doing good deeds and starting new projects to help others. Often I hear people say they want more good news on TV. I hope Force 4 Good will be part of the solution. My hope is that we can encourage people all over the metro area to volunteer, help others and do good to people they may not even know.

The first big Force 4 Good story revolves around a group called Life Remodeled and their focus on Cody High School in Detroit. Cody High has been around a long time. In recent years it has faced many challenges. But more recently life is changing in the Cody-Rouge neighborhood. Cody High and the community around the school have great need but such hope. Students now attend three different academies all in one Detroit public high school. The school, faculty and students can now be proud of graduating 80-percent of students compared to under 40-percent just a few years ago.

Life Remodeled is listening to the community around Cody and those in the school too. This organization plans on remodeling Cody High School and 100 blocks around it. With the help of over 10,000 volunteers from churches, businesses, government and the community, Cody High and the neighborhood around it will be transformed in mid-August. Burned out houses will be torn down, some boarded up others remodeled at no cost to the neighborhood. Blight will be removed to make for safer walks to school. And all of this will take place the week of August 11 through the 16th. The school will get a new roof, improved entryway, remodeled classrooms, new football field and more. Thousands of people will unite shoulder to shoulder to help bring hope to our city. This is what Force 4 Good is all about.

Please join me and become a Force 4 Good. Together we may just change the world.