Cipriano courtroom testimony: Police Officer Mike Meister

Second witness: Michael Meister, Farmington police officer

April 16 – Meister says he was on routine patrol when he got a call for a "family trouble." He and other officer went to Cipriano's home.

Meister said he heard sounds from inside house and could see "a young girl standing in the hallway."

Meister said he saw someone run inside the house, knock over the girl and run up the stairs.

The girl opened the door for the officers

"I saw blood on the ground."

Meister said he grabbed girl and took her out of the house.

After seeing a pool of blood, Meister said he went to look for "bodies."

He noted a pair of latex gloves on the floor

Meister says he saw Rose and Sal with blood on them.

"I could hear gurgling coming from Salvador," Meister said.

Meister says he held Rose's head up, saw her eyes covered in blood and he felt that he was holding her eye in place.

Sal's face was "bloody."