Cipriano murder trial continues Thursday

State Police crime lab specialist presents DNA evidence on murder weapon

PONTIAC, Mich. - Crime scene investigators Wednesday tied Mitchell Young to the murder scene in the home of the late Robert Cipriano in Farmington Hills.

Mitchell Young is charged with murder in the deadly baseball bat beating of Robert Cipriano and the critical wounding of Cipriano's wife Rose and son Sal.

Tucker Cipriano has already pleaded no contest to charges of murdering his father during a break in and robbery at the family's home.

On Wednesday, Michigan State Police Crime Lab specialist Andrea Young testified that Mitchell Young's DNA was found on the baseball bat that also had DNA from Rose and Sal Cipriano on it.

The jury was also shown the pants that Mitchell Young was wearing when he was arrested following the attack.

Brigid Lockhart, from the Oakland County Sheriff's Department forensic science lab testified about the blood from Robert Cipriano that was found splattered on those pants.

"The pants that have that great of an impact splatter on them with that sort of a volume, I would say that that individual wearing the pants was very close to the blood source when it occurred and being that it goes up the inseam of the pants that is indicative of the blood source being below that person and blood source and the splatter coming up the pant leg," Lockhart said.

Defense attorneys contend that Mitchell Young was a victim of Tucker Cipriano.

Testimony continues Thursday in Oakland County Circuit Court.

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