Clarkston man says snow brings cars onto his property

Jeffrey Sawruk says drivers go too fast around curve on Clarkston Road, causing them to crash onto his property

CLARKSTON, Mich. - Imagine walking out your front door and finding a car parked in your front yard.

That's exactly what happened in Clarkston Friday morning and this homeowner says he's tired of it.

"I woke up this morning and came out front to see a vehicle in my front lawn," said Jeffrey Sawruk.

When it snows, Sawruk says he finds more than just the white stuff in his front yard - which is off Clarkston Road.

"We have children and we don't allow them to play in the front yard because of this situation," Sawruk said.

Friday night, a car came to a stop just inches from crashing into his house.

Sawruk says the driver took off.

Since Wednesday his front yard has been more like a parking lot.
One car took out a piece of a tree.

"In the last three days we have had 5 on this property, 5 accidents," Sawruk said.

Over the years, he told Local 4 he has seen it happen time and time again. He said people go too fast around the curve.

He even had a collection of pictures of the offending cars.

Sawruk said an Oakland County plow truck even ended up on his property, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

He said he's asked the county to put up a guardrail on this curve in front of his house.
"It didn't meet the criteria for the guardrail because they say it has to be lets say a 14 feet elevation drop and you've only got 13 feet 11 inches," he said.

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