Cleanup continues 1 week after floods

ROYAL OAK, Mich. - At this time one week ago, Metro Detroit was underwater.

"I hope you're seated, because when you see this, you're (at a) loss for words," Local 4's Tim Pamplin said last week while showing Detroit the interchange at Interstates 75 and 696 under 14 feet of water.

One week later, the water is gone, but the cleanup is far from over.

Kathy Stange has been cleaning out her drenched basement for the past week.

"This is costing us a chunk of change to have this done," Stange said.

Angela Marshal said she has a messy sewer backup.

"Because the overflow with the city was so bad, the motor was constantly running and it basically burned our sump pump out," Marshal said.

Drive through Royal Oak, and in some area piles and piles of stuff can be seen on curbs.

Residents all have the same question for city leaders -- how did this happen?

"We don't have flood insurance. We don't live in a flood plain. We don't have a river in our backyard," said Marshal.

Meanwhile, residents at a City Hall meeting criticized the commission on its response to the flood.

"The city needs to be much more honest about water and sewer problems," Kathy Quaderer said.

"Trust us, folks. We're really doing the best we can," said Judy Davis, a Royal Oak community engagement specialist. "The residents want to know. They want answers. We've been looking at our system."

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