ClickOnDetroit Morning Briefing -- June 20, 2019

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The sunrise in Sterling Heights -- Dawn Klein/StormPins

DETROIT - ClickOnDetroit Morning Briefing -- June 20, 2019

Millions of Americans admit to driving high

A new report from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety says an estimated 15 million Americans admit to driving under the influence of marijuana.

See the report here.

Mosquitoes: How to protect you and your family

In Orkin's list of top mosquito cities in America, Detroit ranks No. 4. With that in mind, here are ways you can prevent mosquito bites and viruses.

Summer camps requiring measles vaccinations

a growing number of camps are requiring children to be vaccinated. In fact, when it comes to the measles, some camps are even demanding kids to be vaccinated regardless of religious reasons.

 Weather: Cool, rainy 

From Brandon Roux: Temps are in the lower 60s and with clouds and showers likely through the early afternoon, highs will fall just short of 70°F.

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