Clinton Township clerk, George Fitzgerald, called bully at office

Clinton Township supervisor says clerk would have been fired long ago if he were regular employee

By Rod Meloni - Reporter, CFP ®

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. - At Clinton Township's municipal offices, there are accusations that the clerk is bullying his coworkers.

George Fitzgerald is an elected official, which means he doesn't have to leave if his coworkers are fed up with him. Township Supervisor Bob Cannon has become the picture of frustration.

"Mr. Fitzgerald has been for a long time a bully in the office," Cannon said.

Fitzgerald, the gun-toting, allegedly foul-mouthed clerk has a staff which accuses him of creating a hostile work environment at the office. The accusations include intimidation, offensive threats, retaliation and, in one case, sexual harassment.

Cannon emptied Fitzgerald's regular office and put his desk and its contents into the Trustee's Office around the corner. It is about 1/3 of the size.

Images: Clerk moved to Trustee's Office

Police regularly patrol outside the township offices and the Township Board has ruled Fitzgerald is not allowed to speak with his staff.

"We have an intermediary in the Clerk's Office and now where he is stationed to work, and we're doing that for the protection of our current staff," said Cannon.

Fitzgerald says claims are politically-motivated

Fitzgerald told Local 4 the accusations are purely political. He said it's designed to torpedo his election bid this coming fall. He said he would not resign from office.

"He isn't subject to anything normal ... he is different because were he a normal employee he would have been fired a long time ago," Cannon said.

The deadline for Fitzgerald to step down is 11:30 p.m. Thursday. If he does not, the township will take the case to Lansing and ask Gov. Rick Snyder to look into the matter.

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