Clinton Township teen going to prison for punch that killed a 39-year-old man

18-year-old Sean Bozich apologized for death, but judge didn't buy it

MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich. - An 18-year-old teen from Clinton Township will spend three years in prison for hitting a man, who later died from his injuries, during a fight.

Scott Bozich pleaded guilty to involuntary man slaughter in the case that left 39-year-old Mike Martin dead. Police say the two got into a fight in April of 2012 when Bozich delivered a punch that made martin fall to the ground, and hit his head on the bumper of a car. Martin died from injuries two days later.

In court Wednesday, Martin's parents had the prosecutor read letters they had written for the court prior to Bozich's sentencing.

In part they read:

"Words can't describe the pain day and night. We wake up thinking about Michael, we go to bed thinking about Michael. Sometimes his death causes us to wake up in the middle of the night and question whether all of this is one bad dream."

Bozich also addressed the court prior to sentencing.

"There has not been a day that goes by that I don't think about what happened. I regret, every day, the outcome of the situation. I understand and feel very sad for Michael's family," he said.

Judge Mary Chrzanowski didn't buy the apology saying Bozich "left him in the street like a dead animal to die, and that is repulsive to me."

"That is what people need to understand here. That a man died as a result of this brutal attack even though it was two days later," she said.

Bozich will now serve out his sentence at a youth prison.

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