Community shocked, mourning Detroit Cody High School coach who was found shot to death

54-year-old Charles Knott remembered as mentor, kind man who dedicated his life to teaching students basketball


Sources say 54-year-old Charles Knott was returning home late Tuesday night when he was killed.

He parked his car in his lot and before he could get out a black Jeep Cherokee boxed him in. Shots were fired and Knott was killed.

"I heard about eight or 9 shots. I was laying down," said neighbor Tarina Fikes.

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Hours later, an entire community would learn that Knott, a longtime Cody High School girls basketball coach, was gone.

"I don't understand. I'm speechless. I don't know who would do that," said Fikes.
And why? For 20 years Knott dedicated his time to teaching students how to hoop. Feelings of shock and sadness filled the halls of Cody High on Wednesday.

"I just can't believe this would happen to him," said Kimberly Deloch, a parent at the high school. "He has so much inspiration for the kids and everything, it's sad. It's a sad day today."

Knott was a mentor. He was a man who made a difference. He touched so many lives and his was taken away.

"He was fun to hang around. He was really kind, everyone loved him," said student Asia Alvin.

A candlelight vigil will be held for Coach Knott in the coming days.

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