Company tails new, old drivers to monitor safety

DETROIT - Accidents happen with people of all ages. But federal agencies and law enforcement are particularly concerned with new and older drivers.

But would you hire someone to tail your family member to see how they do behind the wheel? Well, there's a company to do just that.

Texting while driving, violating provisional license rules and cutting people off – that's what Quest Driving Safety looks for when following drivers for 15 to 20 minutes.

Phillip Hubbs is a retired police officer who started the company. The company follows new teen drivers, senior citizens and commercial employees to answer the question, "How am I driving?"

Hubbs said the idea partly came from his own experience of having to take away his parents' driver license.

"We would routinely visit them, see the car had a crack in the headlight, taillight," Hubbs said.

The cost? $99.

Hubbs said the money is worth personal safety and the potential liability of an accident.

What do you think? How would you react if you found out someone hired an off-duty police officer to follow you?

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