Consumer Reports: Get down to basics when it comes to best toilet paper

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It's something we all need in our homes, but we might not spend too much time wondering if we're getting the most for our money.

So, Consumer Reports did the research for us, and came up with the best toilet paper. And its experts found you don't have to spend top dollar on big name brands to get the best product. 

Consumer Reports got down to basics when it comes to determining which products are the best. It looked at things like softness, strength, and ease of tearing. It found Walmart's store brands took three of the top five spots, and they're not as expensive as other brands. 

Topping the product test was Walmart's White Cloud 3-Ply Ultra Soft and Thick. The top scorer only costs 25 cents per 100 sheets, compared to 41 cents for the bigger brand name, Charmin Ultra Soft, which came in 6th place. Charmin lost points for strength and disintegration.             

Quilted Northern Ultra Plush was second, it costs 38 cents per 100 sheets. Two other Walmart products came in third and fourth: the stores Great Value Ultra Strong is 27 cents per 100 sheets, and White Cloud Soft and Thick costs just 19 cents per 100 sheets. 

They were followed by CVS Premium Ultra, but you pay for the drug store convenience, it will set you back 40 cents per 100 sheets. 


Here's a look at the entire top ten, the price mentioned is per 100 sheets


#1) Walmart's White Cloud 3-Ply Ultra Soft and Thick   $0.25


#2) Quilted Northern Ultra Plus   $0.38


#3) Walmart's Great Value Ultra Strong  $0.27


#4) Walmart's White Cloud Soft and Thick   $0.19


#5) CVS Premium Ultra $0.40


#6) Charmin Ultra Soft  $0.41


#7) Kirkland Signature (Costco)  $0.12


#8) Up & Up (Target)  $0.20


#9) Trader Joe's Super Soft  $0.19


#10) Cottonelle Ultra Comforter Care  $0.62


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