Couple searches for longtime heroes

Engagement ring has couple seeking previous owners 40 years later

FARMINGTON, Mich. - "I told my mom I was gonna marry her two days after I met her."

That was what Mike Lapradd remembers saying 40 love-rich years ago, back when his family was cash-poor.

Soon afterward, Lapradd saw an advertisement in the newspaper: an engagement ring and band were being sold for 100 bucks. He met the couple selling the ring at their small bungalow in a rural part of the Farmington area.

He and his wife Patty have thought about that couple with every passing anniversary, and as they approach their 40th they've embarked on a quest to find them, their kids or any other connection.

Unfortunately, they can't remember their name or address.

"They've meant so much," Patty said.

The couple only knows a few things about their longtime heroes. An engraving on the ring shows that the initials for the previous owners are "AK" and "RG." They were married in the mid-50s and lived in the Farmington area in the mid-70s in a small bungalow with horses.

Patty wants to meet them and tell them the rest of the story. She says if it means something she is willing to part with the gifts.

If you have any information that can solve this mystery please call Local 4 at 313-222-0500. Hopefully we can bring this story full-circle.

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