Court hearing for I-96 roadway shootings suspect moved to January 30th

Raulie Casteel will face forensic competency, criminal responsibility exam

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NOVI, Mich. - A court hearing was scheduled today for the man suspected in a shooting spree that targeted motorists along the Interstate 96 corridor in four southeast Michigan counties.

Raulie Casteel, 43, of Wixom, was to undergo a forensic competency and criminal responsibility examination in Livingston County's 53rd District Court in Howell.

Court was postponed to Jan. 30.

The Michigan attorney general's office recently filed terrorism and other new charges against Casteel.

The office announced in Dec. that it was taking over the cases at the request of prosecutors in Livingston, Ingham and Shiawassee counties.

Casteel was charged with seven felony counts alone for the Livingston County attacks.

In Oakland County, Casteel was charged with 60 counts for the incidents alleged to have occurred in that county. 

About Casteel:

Casteel was arrested at his home back in November after 24 reports of roadway shootings surfaced in Livingston, Oakland, Ingham and Shiawassee counties.

Local 4 uncovered that the suspect was very open about his political views and publicly spoke his mind before his aresst.

He has a profile on the Tea Party-backed website and a Twitter profile.

He's tweeted, "I want the arrest and impeachment of Barack Obama. I've given the military the option of marching him out the W.H. in handcuffs."

He went on to add that if Mitt Romney had won the presidency, he wanted him to arrest President Obama.

Referring to the state of the economy, he also tweeted, "Yes, you heard me! We're returning businesses to their rightful owners - the American people!"

But sources tell Local 4 early on that the suspect isn't talking to police.

One detective compared trying to talk to him as like talking to a brick wall.

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