Family mourns loss of 17-year-old Detroit boy killed in Roseville

Shooter believed to be in mid-20s

By Shawn Ley - Reporter, Kayla Clarke

ROSEVILLE, Mich. - Police are investigating after a 17-year-old Detroit boy was shot and killed in Roseville.

Investigators said the shooting happened at 10:40 p.m. Tuesday on Pinehurst Street between 12 Mile Road and Wellworth Street.

UPDATERoseville police: Suspect in fatal shooting of 17-year-old Detroit boy taken into custody

The family of the victim, Antonio Christian, is in shock after the shooting.

Christian was found on the sidewalk and was rushed to a nearby hospital, but he did not survive.

"It shook our family to the core," Christian's aunt, Yalonda Harris, said.

Harris said Christian was kind, funny and just a kid. Others who knew the teen said he was well-known and well-liked. Christian grew up in the area but recently moved to Detroit with his family.

"It's hard," she said. "The guy shot him there. It was not necessary."

Neighbors are in shock, too, after hearing multiple gunshots Tuesday night.

"It is scary," a resident said. "It is the nice part of Roseville. We live in a safe community like this, (and there are) high school kids running around shooting each other."

Local 4 learned that there was a witness to the shooting. A girl was with Christian, and she is the one who called 911.

Roseville police detectives are also looking through security footage, hoping for a clear shot of a black Ford Mustang belonging to the suspect.

Police said the shooter was dressed in all black and is believed to be around 25 years old.

"To take off running, left a baby in the street like that," Harris said.

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