Crook driving church's stolen van burglarizes Detroit business

Man caught stealing tires driving church van belonging to Liberty Temple

DETROIT - A man driving a van belonging to a church is caught on video pulling up to an auto parts shop on Detroit's west side, getting out, taking some rims and tires and then drives off.

The incident happened around 2 a.m. Tuesday at an auto parts store on Greenfield Road owned by Ali Ayash.

Using the snow to climb over a barbwire fence, the man was after the tires on trucks in the store's parking lot. He placed bricks under the trucks and then snatched the tires off.

The man pulled his van up to load the tires, but it appears the man had stolen a church van.

The van belongs to Liberty Temple on Greenfield Road. Local 4 stopped by the church, but no one wanted to talk. Local 4 was told the pastor is out of town.

Ayash said church leaders stopped by his shop and told him their van had been stolen the day before. Ayash said instead of stealing from the church, the crook should go to church and learn the Eighth Commandment.

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