Custody hearing held for remaining children of Detroit mother accused of killing 8-year-old

Semeria Greene's 4 boys taken into protective custody after 8-year-old Tameria Greene found dead

DETROIT - While a Detroit mother stands charged with murdering her 8-year-old daughter, the future of her four other remaining children is playing out in court.

Semeria Greene is accused of neglecting her surviving children prior to the death of daughter, Tameria Greene -- who was found stabbed in the chest on Dec. 30.

Greene was arrested and arraigned on felony murder and child abuse charges. She pleaded not guilty.

~Semeria Greene~

The remaining four sons were taken into protective custody.

In juvenile court on Monday, the Department of Human Services recommended the boys be removed from the family's custody and be put up for adoption right away.

The father of three of the boys was in court trying to fight for the right to keep the boys.

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DHS says they want the boys to be placed in to fosters homes immediately so they may attend funeral services for their sister without having contact with any family members.

"Just pray for the children please," said the paternal grandmother to three of Greene's children as she left court on Monday.

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