D'Andre Lane, Judge square off in court during sentencing for death of Bianca Jones

Judge Vonda Evans: 'You tortured that child'

DETROIT - A Detroit father who prosecutors say faked a carjacking to cover up the slaying of his 2-year-old daughter was sentenced Monday for first-degree murder and child abuse.

The law required Wayne County Circuit Judge Vonda Evans to sentence Lane to life and, that's exactly what she did.

--D'Andre Lane and Judge Vonda Evans exchanged words in court

For the felony murder charges, Lane received mandatory life in prison without parole and was also sentence 11 to 30 years in prison on the child abuse charge.

Things heated up in court after Evans announced the sentence.

Watch Uncut: D'Andre Lane sentenced to life in prison.

"This is a case about a man who wanted to control others but, could not control himself," said Evans. "It was your way or the highway. You disciplined that child -- you tortured that child."

Lane: 'You know you're a Liar"

Lane reacted by yelling back to the judge, "You know you're a liar Vonda" as he left the courtroom.

Judge Evans immediately ordered Lane back into the courtroom and said, "It is very unfortunate you made that statement but I'm going to attribute it to the fact that you are a person who is suffering very deeply because of what you've done." Lane began interrupting Judge Evans by saying, "Vonda, Vonda, Vonda." Judge Evans ordered him out of the courtroom saying, "You do not address me as Vonda."

As Lane left the courtroom he could be heard saying to the judge, "You sit there and lie the whole time like you did - ain't nobody fooled by nothing."

Prior to sentencing the lawyer for Lane asked for a new trial, citing Lane was convicted in the media and in the court of public opinion.

Banika Jones, the mother of little Bianca spoke in court.

"They never looked for my daughter," she said. "The court made a mistake and I intend to correct it."

Lane addressed the court.

"I never abused my child," he said. "No one said she was dead, my daughter is a live, she will be found."

During trial Lane told police that daughter Bianca Jones was in the back seat of his car in Detroit's North End neighborhood on Dec. 2, 2011, when the vehicle was taken at gunpoint.

The car was found less than an hour later, but the girl was no longer inside.

Bianca's body has never been found.

8-year-old testifies during trial

Lane's 8-year-old daughter, Il'Andra, testified about the morning she and her sisters, Bianca, were driven to school by their father. She said Bianca was carried out in her car seat by her father and put in the back seat with her. She said she couldn't see Bianca because "there was a cover on her face."

Prosecutors have alleged that the 2-year-old was already dead when she was put into the car.

Bianca's mother testifies

--Bianca Jones' mother, Banika Jones.

Banika Jones, Bianca's mother, previously testified that when she had found out she was pregnant she and Lane planned to get an abortion. But they didn't go through with it. Banika Jones said she never had any concerns about Lane taking care of their daughter and that he had even volunteered to watch her instead of having her go to daycare. The mother said her daughter spend lots of time with her father, but hadn't ever spent the night until Nov. 28, 2011 -- that's when she dropped the girl off for a visit that would last a couple of days.

"I would do anything to have my daughter home," Banika Jones said.

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