Dangerous trend: Kids soaking tampons in vodka to get drunk

Trend of soaking tampons in vodka is landing teens in the hospital

DETROIT - From binge drinking to now a different trend --- some people are turning to dangerous extremes to try to get drunk...

This craze likely won't get them drunk but it may land them in the hospital. 

Going viral

Internet buzz has fueled trends from the cinnamon test to the dangerous choking game but now there's a new craze making the rounds - it may sound downright stupid but some kids are doing it and it can be dangerous.

"I was 14 when I was drinking with a 12-year-old."

 This young man did not want to be identified...we'll call him Tim.  And Tim is not surprised we found other teens on the internet...going to dangerous extremes to try and get drunk.

"There's a tampon in the cup... this is vodka"  Oh my God!  The alcohol soaked tampons."

It's disgusting but you heard right - alcohol soaked tampons.  Alarmed by the peculiar practice, Tina Coffelt is a counselor.

"A big reason they do it is you get a faster high and then you don't have the stomach upset so the vomiting is rare," said Tina.

Side effects

"Alcohol absorption through the vagina or rectum is inefficient and it will cause pain and burning and it will not get you drunk and it will not avoid side effects," said Local 4 Doctor Frank McGeorge.

Local 4 Doctor Frank McGeorge says the amount of alcohol consumed by this method is highly unlikely to get anyone drunk, but it can very easily land them in the hospital.

"The lining of these areas are very sensitive and when you put alcohol especially high proof alcohol against them it basically burns, and that can cause ulcers and all kinds of other problems," said McGeorge.

With all the buzz about this bizarre method, more and more videos are popping up on-line ...teens are showing other teens how to carryout the alcohol act.  Dr. McGeorge says the mainstream attention can potentially turn this into something teens may experiment with as more of a dare not as a way to get drunk but the bottom line:  just trying this technique can be dangerous.

"These areas are so sensitive that even trying it once can lead to severe problems and make you regret even thinking of it."

Doctor McGeorge says kids are far more likely to get drunk by using alcohol soaked gummy bears, a trend Local4 defender Kevin Dietz exposed months ago.

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"The stomach absorbs alcohol very quickly and very well the other parts of your body that we're talking about they do not absorb alcohol well at all."

If your daughter or son toying with the new alcohol soaked tampon craze there are some obvious red flags.

"If you have a son that has a box of tampons in his room that should raise some flags!"

For Tim, scenes like this are chilling reminders - experimenting can bring pain and even death... 

"If you can say no, definitely say no... and if you have already said yes... just get as much help as you can and don't be afraid to talk to people,"  said Tim.

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