Darren McCarty drops personal protection orders against former friends

Former Red Wings forward McCarty drops last of 4 orders was against former girlfriend

PONTIAC, Mich. - Former Detroit Red Wings forward Darren McCarty went to an Oakland County court Tuesday to drop the last of four personal protection orders he had obtained against former friends.

McCarty and his wife made no comments Wednesday while in court. They were letting their attorney, Paul Addis, speak for them.

"Not so much a change of heart but a stipulation between the parties that at this point in time regarding this matter that we are no longer going to pursue it," Addis said.

At one point, the McCartys took out personal protection orders against three women and one man. However, on Wednesday the final woman they field against, Tanya Juhl, saw the PPO against her dismissed.

Juhl's attorney, Jeffrey Lance Abood, commented.

"It's definitely nothing that warrants a PPO or to waste the court's time or to waste people's money that are innocently accused," Abood said.

At issue was nasty messages about the McCartys on social media websites. The messages were texted or relayed on the phone that the former friends allegedly tried to get the McCartys fired from their jobs as well as luring McCarty back into a partying lifestyle.

While the personal protection orders were dropped, McCarty attorney Paul Addis suggested the matter is not entirely over.

"There are several reasons for it and you may find them soon enough," Addis said.

The personal protection orders were dismissed on the condition that all the questionable postings on social media sites be taken down.

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