Dave Agema staying after fellow Republicans call for resignation

Michigan GOP leader apologizes for comments against American Muslims, but he's not resigning

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter

DETROIT - GOP National Committeeman Dave Agema is no stranger to controversy.

Just last spring, Agema cited a so-called study on his Facebook page by a white supremacist which made crazy claims such as gays are responsible for 1/2 the murders in large cities.

He eventually took down the post and blew off calls for his resignation. Last week, he fired up social media again by asking whether any Muslim had made a contribution to American society.

Former state representative and chairman of the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance Leon Drolet was at the head of the charge demanding Agema go.

"It's important that the Republican party show that Agema is a freak, and that Agema is not somebody that stands for what the Republican party stands for," said Drolet.

It took former Michigan GOP chairwoman and Republican Betsy Devos to come out and say he needed to go. After that, virtually every high-ranking GOP member in the state has followed suit.

Late Friday night, Agema issued an apology which in part read:

"I readily acknowledge my mistake, appreciate the charitable efforts of Muslim Americans, and offer my my sincerest apology for reposting an article that has been re-quoted as my words."

The apology is followed by Agema saying he plans to stay in his job as the GOP Republican committeeman from Michigan.

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