Daytime break-ins terrorize Clinton Township

By Shawn Ley - Reporter

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. - Clinton Township residents living across from Clintondale High School, near 15 Mile and Little Mack are bending over backwards to protect their home--literally.

One woman drags a freezer to her door as a barricade every night after a spate of robberies in the area reached her home.

Last Wednesday afternoon, she and her son walked in on burglar. It was an moment she called "terrifying."

"We walked in and the policeman thinks I scared them away because I backed in the driveway and he thinks that scared them off," she said.

On Monday night someone broke out their porch light and tried to climb in the house through a window while they were sleeping.

"Somebody took something and wedged the window open as we're in there asleep," the woman said.

Another woman, Dianne Krause, is also barricading her doors at night to keep burglars out because, she says, two of her neighbors were also victims of break-ins.

"These people are watching the neighborhood," Krause said about the burglars. "[My neighbors] went on vacation and they were broken into."

High-priced video games and $4000 in camera equipment were taken from one home on 15 Mile and another home was burglarized last Monday on Woodingham. In that case, the robbers pried open the back door.

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