Defenders: Detroit investigator center of death threats

Shawn McIntosh pleads guilty to threatening investigator with hit man, homemade bombs

DETROIT - According to federal documents obtained by the Local 4 Defenders, a homicide investigator with the Detroit Police Department was the target of death threats involving anthrax, bombs and a hit man.

The threats came from a man named Shawn McIntosh, who was under investigation by the homicide unit.

Here are some excerpts from the threats McIntosh mailed to the investigator:

"Inside an envelope it's going to be a letter and a powder substance, that powder substance is anthrax."

"Inside a tool box it's going to be two homemade pipe bombs and those two homemade pipe bombs are going to blow you into a thousands pieces I promise you."

"I hired somebody to kill you … if them two pipe bombs don't kill you, you are going to get shot in the head, mark my words the job is going to get done."

Federal agents compared the handwriting of the letters sent to the homicide officer with other letters written by McIntosh and got a match.

McIntosh is pleading guilty to the mail threats, adding another five years of prison time to his previous criminal troubles.

He's been convicted of fleeing police, carjacking, weapons charges, robbery and assault.

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