Defenders obtain FBI subpoenas

Subpoenas looking for info from as far back as Jan. 2007

DETROIT - The Local 4 Defenders have obtained the subpoenas served by FBI agents as they launched their investigation into the Wayne County severance scandal.

The subpoenas were served Oct. 19th at Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano's office in the Guardian Building in downtown Detroit.

Local 4 legal expert David Griem says it's crystal clear the feds have an insider feeding them all the county's dirt.

 In the subpoenas, 14 companies are specifically named. 

Griem said the feds usual go fishing by sending out a wide net hoping to catch a smoking gun, but are instead asking for detailed and specific contracts.

Griem said this is a sign investigators already know how the deals went down.

In reading the subpoenas, Griem also said it is clear the feds have three people in their sights: Turkia Mullin, Azzam Elder and former IT director Tahir Kazmi.

The feds want to know every move the three made going all the way back to January of 2007, which includes every email, phone call and every dollar deposited in their bank accounts.

The documents were to be at the FBI offices no later than Nov. 10.  

They have not been delivered because the county is asking for an extension.

The Defenders are told they will be granted the extension because the request includes several thousand documents.



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