Attorney says $700,000 feds found is not Bobby Ferguson's

Attorney Mike Rataj says feds have Bobby Ferguson's mom's money as they search for alleged 'hidden' assets

By Hank Winchester - Reporter

DETROIT - Attorney Mike Rataj says federal investigators have gone after the wrong Ferguson.

In an effort to seize Bobby Ferguson's cash, investigators got their hands on almost $700,000 hidden away in an Alabama bank. Rataj says the money belongs to Bobby Ferguson's mother, not Bobby, who is locked up awaiting sentencing for federal corruption convictions.

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"The money that the government took is Annie Ferguson's money. Plain and simple. You know, obviously they are uncovering every rock to try to find as many assets that they think (Bobby) Ferguson has," said Rataj.

Federal investigators have said for some time that Bobby Ferguson has a long history of hiding assets. This may be another example of Ferguson allegedly hiding funds. It could ultimately affect the outcome of his sentencing.

Right now, Ferguson sits alone in prison thinking about his future.

"Bobby, he is a spiritual guy and he's a tough guy. He's put his trust in God and he's always done that, and he's gonna continue to do that," said Rataj.

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