Bianca Jones' parents speak out together

Couple asks for help, but dodge public scrutiny

DETROIT - When you watch this extended and rare interview with these parents together, watch their body language.

Of course, they are uncomfortable. It has been seven weeks since their 2-year-old daughter, Bianca Jones, went missing. But they dodge questions about their possible involvement.

WATCH: Uncut interview with Bianca Jones' mother and father

For the first time, Banika Jones, says she did an extended interview with police and prosecutors last month.
And the father, D'Andre Lane, dodges questions about his claim that he was carjacked Dec. 2 in Midtown Detroit with his daughter in the back seat.
His car was found minutes later.The little girl is still missing.

The question everybody has, is how would D'Andre let thieves steal his car AND his daughter?

Of the hundreds of volunteers who searched last month, all parents say they would be shot and killed before anyone would take their child.
Police submitted a warrant request with the Wayne County Prosecutor last month.

Sources have told Local 4 that dad's story has holes and cadaver dogs hit on evidence in his house and car. The prosecutor calls this case complex and that it is still under review.
Terry Johnson, the attorney for D'Andre says he's happy it is getting a thorough review, that the prosecutor is doing her due diligence.
No sign of Bianca.

No criminal charges.

No resolution of a case that has a grip on Detroit for weeks.

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