Bob Bashara served personal protection order from alleged mistress

Rachel Gillett files personal protection order against former reputed lover Bob Bashara

DETROIT - Bob Bashara has been served a personal protection order from his alleged mistress.

Rachel Gillett's attorney said she is scared for her life.

Gillett wants Bob Bashara to stay away: No talking, no texting, no visiting or emailing.

"It's pretty much Rachel's way of telling the court, look, I'm afraid of this guy," said her attorney, Doraid Elder. Elder filed the petition for a personal protection order on Thursday.

"She's petrified. She just wants him to leave her alone and he hasn't done that," Elder said.

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The attorney says Gillett had a relationship with Bob Bashara for three years and never knew the Grosse Pointe Park man was married.

"Rachel thought that for the longest time Bob was divorced," Elder said.

Elder said reality hit Gillett after Bob's wife, Jane Bashara, was killed and Bob spoke out to the media saying he lost his best friend and soul mate.

"She realized that he was someone that she did not know who he is," Elder said. "She realized this guy lied to her, manipulated her. He was living two lives and she's petrified."

Breaking off the relationship after the murder, Gillett said she tried to distance herself from Bob but he refused to take no for an answer. She says he has made several attempts to contact her even though he was told to stay away.

"He told her, 'Look, I know I shouldn't be doing this. I'm gonna get in trouble for it,'" Elder said.
Bob Bashara has been called a person of interest in his wife's murder investigation. A case is building against him. Elder said Gillett could be a key witness and she is scared for her life.

"If Rachel isn't around that can be to Bob's benefit and she is petrified of this," Elder said.

Local 4 legal expert Todd Flood said the PPO is bad for Bob.

Gillett is pleading with a judge to keep Bashara away.

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