Bob Bashara: The library and the ladies

By Hank Winchester - Reporter

They are women who allegedly helped Bob Bashara explore his interest in S & M - former mistresses and who knew Bashara as Master Bob.

"Until I heard about the murder of Jane Bashara, I had never known Bob's last name. Then the husband got on and I knew right away that was Master Bob."

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Now these women have become part of the ongoing police investigation into the murder of Bashara's wife Jane.  Their wild stories are helping police learn more about Bashara.

"He just simply explained to us that he lived in the Pointes and that he does have a fully outfitted dungeon."

-- Bob Bashara was arraigned June 27 on charges he tried to have a suspect in his wife's murder killed.

The Local 4 Defenders have learned Bashara reached out to these women several times recently via email.   Even though their identities were concealed, Bashara tracked them down and within the last two months, was sending emails, working to figure out who was talking with the media and what were these women telling police.

All this played out around the same time police say Bashara was allegedly working to find a hitman to kill handyman Joe Gentz.  Those meetings took place behind a building he owed in Grosse Pointe Park.  The emails, we're told, were sent from inside a local library.

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