Bob Bashara: What led to charges against him

Bob Bashara is charged with solicitation to murder, accused of trying to have Joe Gentz killed

DETROIT - Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy announced charges Wednesday against Bob Bashara, and the Local 4 Defenders have sources telling why.

He is charged with one count of solicitation to murder. Prosecutors say Bashara tried to hire someone to kill a suspect in his wife Jane Bashara's murder. That suspect is Joe Gentz who is the only person charged with murder in Jane's death.

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The Local 4 Defenders offer the following timeline of events which allegedly led up to the charges against Bob Bashara:

Friday, June 8:

Bob Bashara reached out to a mystery man who knows Joe Gentz. Sources say it was June 8 when Bashara put his murder plot in motion. Bashara allegedly told the man he wanted Gentz dead and he was willing to pay to see it done. Why? Sources tell the Defenders the answer became clear three days later.
Watch: What led to charges against Bashara

Monday, June 11:

Gentz had a court hearing during which he was found competent to stand trial in the murder of Jane Bashara. However, it also was revealed Gentz may cut a deal, possibly testifying against someone else. It was no secret Bob Bashara was under the microscope for his wife's death. He has been investigated for possibly playing a role in Jane's murder.

Sources told the Defenders Bashara stepped up his alleged deadly demand when he told the mystery man he wanted Gentz dead and he offered him a $24,000 retainer fee for the mystery man to find an inmate who would kill Gentz while he is behind bars. Bashara allegedly wanted to prevent Gentz from testifying against him.

Sources say the mystery man was fully cooperating with police and federal agents in the Violent Gang Task Force. He was wearing a wire and recorded Bob Bashara's plan to pay money for murder.

Gentz was placed in protective custody within the jail.

Monday, June 25:

Police swooped in and arrested Bashara behind on of his Grosse Pointe Park rental properties, just steps away from the so-called sex dungeon.

The Local 4 Defenders have been told Bashara had hundreds of dollars in his pocket and he broke down in tears after his arrest.

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-- Bob Bashara was arraigned June 27 on charges he tried to have a suspect in his wife's murder killed.

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