Bob Bashara will stand trial on solicitation of murder charge

Store owner says he agreed to set up killing of Joe Gentz at Bashara's request

DETROIT - Bob Bashara has been bound over to stand trial on a solicitation of murder charge.

Bashara sat through four hours of testimony at a hearing Tuesday, which included a store owner saying he had agreed to set up the killing of handyman Joe Gentz for $20,000 at Bashara's request.

Bob Bashara accused of wanting jailhouse hit

Bashara is accused of trying to have Gentz, who faces murder charges in Bashara's wife's death, killed while behind bars.

Police say an undercover officer posed a hit man as Bashara told him what he wanted done to Gentz.

Store owner testifies Bashara wanted Joe Gentz killed

Steve Tibaudo, the owner of an appliance store where Bashara frequently purchased pieces for his rental properties, testified that he wore a wire for police to record conversations with Bashara.

He said he met Bashara several times in June.

--Witness Steve Tibaudo

Tibaudo said Bashara patted him down, asking him if he was wearing a wire. He says he told Bashara is was against his religion to wear a wire.

"He said he needed to have Mr. Gentz taken care of before his competency hearing," Tibaudo said. "He said, 'This is my life. I have to have something done with Mr. Gentz.'"

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Tibaudo said since he knew he was wired, he would "play along" and said he would make some "inquires" for him.

"I can get somebody to go in there ... put glass in the sugar or salt ... it will tear up his insides," Tibaudo is heard staying during the recordings. "Maybe poison him or something ... just get your money together. Get your money together, call me."

During one of the meetings, Tibaudo said he and Bashara talked about having the killing done for $20,000. Tibaudo testified that he was given type of down payment of $2,000 by Bashara and he wrote a receipt for him under the pretense that it was for appliances.

David Griem represents Bashara at prelim hearing

Griem, who had filed an motion to be taken off the case, argued on Bashara's behalf Tuesday after a judge said he must stick it out with Bashara for the time being even though Bashara has hired another attorney - Mark Kriger.

--David Griem

Grosse Pointe Park mother found dead in January

Jane Bashara was found dead Jan. 25 in the back of her SUV in a Detroit alley. She had been reported missing the night before.

Sources say Gentz has told police he was forced to kill the Grosse Pointe Park mother under the order of her husband, Bob Bashara.

Gentz is charged with first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

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