Defenders learn new info about former Oakland professor found guilty of running drug house

Joseph Schiele accused of giving away free alcohol and drugs

By Karen Drew - Reporter/Anchor, Derick Hutchinson

OAKLAND TOWNSHIP, Mich. - The Local 4 Defenders have learned detailed information about what may have happened inside the Oakland Township home of a former college professor who was found guilty of running drug house.

Prosecutors said the former Oakland University professor owned a party house furnished with drugs, alcohol, guns and teenagers. The parents of the teenagers said they had no idea what was going on.

During a 2 1/2-day trial, witnesses came forward to explain why they would go to the home of professor Joseph Schiele.

"To drink alcohol and do drugs," said Jacob Spencer, who said he partied at Schiele's home.

"You were 19 at the time right?" Spencer was asked.

"Yes," Spencer said.

"Who was providing the alcohol you were drinking?" he was asked.

"Joe," Spencer said.

"What types of drugs?" he was asked.

"Kettimine, cocaine, pot," Spencer said.

The defense attorney accused Spencer of being high on the stand. He said he was just nervous.

"I don't want to remember the things that happened at Joe's house," Spencer said. "I have been trying to forget them for a year."

Another witness, Ashley Jay, testified about the drug activity inside Schiele's home.

"Who provided them?" the prosecutor asked.

"Joe," Jay said.

"Did you ever have to pay for them?" the prosecutor asked.

"No," Jay said.

"Was there sex going on at these parties?" the prosecutor asked.

"Yes," Jay said.

"Was it out in the open?" the prosecutor asked.

"Yeah, sometimes," Jay said.

"Did you have sex in that house?" the prosecutor asked.

"Yes," Jay said.

"On more than one occasion?" the prosecutor asked.

"More than one occasion," Jay said.

"Was the defendant present or in eyesight of you having sex?" the prosecutor asked.

"Yes, sometimes," Jay said.

Jay told the court there were cameras in the home. She said they were in almost every room. Oakland County sheriff's deputies said they found a firearm and plenty of drugs while raiding Schiele's home.

"Inside of these 5-gallon buckets are nitrous oxide canisters, otherwise known on the street as 'whippets,'" Det. Jeremy Doty said.

In closing arguments, the prosecution presented its theory on why the professor opened up his home for young people.

"The motive for the defendant providing free drugs is exactly that -- no chicks, no (expletive)," the prosecutor said. "Can't come over unless you bring girls. Sex out in the open."

Schiele's attorney, Neil Rockind, closed by telling the jury to question the reliability of the witnesses.

"I can imagine, good souls that you are, saying to yourself, 'I don't like what he did. I don't like what I heard. I don't like some of the things that were implied or suggested. I don't like sex talk. I don't like any of that,'" Rockind said. "I just have to hope that you can put those things aside and judge the facts as they are."

In the end, the jury found Schiele guilty of drug possession, maintaining a drug house and a firearms violation.

Schiele is scheduled to be sentenced in March. After he serves time behind bars, he will be deported back to Canada, where he is a citizen.

"While we appreciate you offering us the opportunity to comment for your story on the case against our former professor, there is nothing new to add," Oakland University spokesperson Brian Bierley said. "The case has reached its conclusion."

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